Terrasat 1:1 Rx Redundant Kit

Моdel No.: TERR-RX-11

Terrasat 1:1 Rx Redundant Kit

Terrasat 1:1 Rx Redundant Kit for C-band, Ku-band, Ka-band, X-band, DBS-band LNBs, 48 VDC or AC powered, includes RX 1+1 interface unit with mounting bracket, WG switch, WG Termination, Cables (2 RF & 1 control) between interface unit and LNBs, 10 feet. Can be used with Terrasat 1:1 Tx IBUC Redundant System or as Stand-alone LNB Redundant system.

  • L-band

    Frequency Range: 950 to 2000 MHz (950 to 2750 MHz optional)

    Insertion Loss: 4 dB max

    Connectors: N-type (F), F-type optional

    10 MHz Reference: From external demod

  • Sensors

    A and B L-band input composite level

    10 MHz reference level detector (demod input)

    A and B LNB supply voltage detector

    A and B LNB supply current detector

  • Monitor and Control



    Handheld Terminal

    Summary Alarm A and B Form-C relays

  • Operating Temperature

    -40 oC to +60 oC

  • Documentation

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