X-band BUCs

Terrasat X-band IBUC G

Моdel No.: IBR079084-1NA401WW

Terrasat X-band IBUC G

Terrasat IBUC G X-band Block Upconverter, GaN, Output power 400 W at Psat, Frequency band 7.900-8.400 GHz equipped with: AGC/ALC, Internal diagnostics, FSK M&C capable, TCP/IP via weatherproof RJ-45 connector with embedded webpages and SNMP, RS485, RS232, Multifunction LED Indicator, Waveguide output. N-type input, F-type optional. Internal AC power supply. Requires external 10 MHz reference. Option available for Internal 10 MHz reference with auto-sensing.

  • Frequency Range

    7900 to 8400 MHz

  • Rated Output Power

    400W: +56 dBm (Psat), +53 dBm (Plin)

  • Power Supply

    100 to 240 VAC

  • Power Consumption

    at Plin: 1800 VA

    at Psat: 2200 VA

  • Monitor and Control

    Ethernet (HTTP, Telnet, SNMP) via RJ-45 connector

    RS232/485, Hand-held Terminal via MS-type connector

    FSK, multiplexed on TX IFL

  • Operating Temperature

    -40oC to +55 oC

  • Mechanical

    24 x 10 x 7.4 in. 40 lbs.

  • Accessories

    Mating Connector, M&C, RJ45, shielded. CONEC 17-101794.

    Installation Kit, for mounting IBUC 2 to antenna boom arms to 3". Includes mounting bracket and additional hardware.

    Handheld Terminal, with IBUC Cable.

    TCP/IP Test Cable, RJ45 to RJ45 outdoor.

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